Skatewave – Skate Park Components

Our modular skateparks are made of up a range of high quality components as outlined here, mixed and matched by our skatepark designers to achieve a park that is perfectly suited to your site, budget and local riding preferences.  From beginners to the more experienced riders – these components will keep everyone challenged – be they skaters, bmx riders or on scooters or inline skates.

Urban Series Obstacles add a little “rock n roll” to your skatepark and these realistic obstacles are created to stand up to whatever riders dish out, unlike their real-life counterparts. The tables, hydrants and other obstacles are ready for your skatepark design, or you can add them on later as an affordable way to freshen things up.

Your local youth riders crave the excitement and challenge of street skating. Now you can get the challenge…without the street (and the parked cars, pedestrians and property damage) in your community skate park.