Adding a new dimension to the playground, GeoNetrix offers dynamic nets connecting to contemporary towers, creating a circuit of big time fun!  The matrixed net concept encourages children to develop unique routes from above, below and sideways as they navigate their way through this multi dimensional play experience.

In line with Landscape Structures’ design belief – that every playground should strive to inspire the imagination of children – the GeoNetrix systems offer an infinite number of non-prescribed play routes with a level of continuity that keeps children challenged, involved and engaged.

The unique towers provide transitional “hang out” points with translucent polycarbonate roofs that punctuate the aesthetic appeal while creating “light play” on the ground.  And the new innovative components offer a whole host of new challenges to children from 5 years and beyond.

Completely configurable, the GeoNetrix components can be utilised in most PlayBooster systems to create additional challenge and awesome visual appeal.

Making its debut at the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo in Boston, GeoNetrix won the award for “Best Visual Appeal”!  And it’s no wonder.  We can’t wait to see some of these systems here in Australia!

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