Logan Hyperdome

Queensland Investment Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Queensland Government, with several retail outlets in their portfolio. Playscape Creations were initially approached in 2013 when the Centre Management team at Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre were looking to upgrade their outdoor playground. Initial discussions were focused on  an additional facility as stage one, and then a revamp of the existing playground as stage two.  A couple of concepts were delivered and the management team really liked our ideas, however due to some limitations of available space and leasing issues it was decided to go direct to stage two, with a total renovation of the existing play area which was looking particularly tired.

Our brief was to provide a modern alternative that met the needs of a wide age group with a diversity of play features. Due to the constraints of the site we felt it best to create three distinctive play pockets, one for the younger age group, one for older children and one for all ages to enjoy.

Our final concept plan included the Smart Play ‘Motion’ as the younger children’s play Structure, this has 16 individual play activities packed into a very tight footprint, including a race car track at the top of the upper level. We also included our Pulse ‘Table Tennis’ and Pulse ‘Tempo’ for the slightly older children. The Pulse equipment is a low voltage electronic format that requires fats acting ‘touch’ response, extremely engaging and entertaining. ‘Pulse’ has in built intelligence that increases the speed of the games in line with the reaction speed of the users, and the Table Tennis unit is designed for full wheelchair access so children of all abilities can join in the fun.

In addition we included some activity panels and our unique  seating domes with Rubertech Ultimate surfacing in a vibrant organic pattern to really set a lively tone for the entire space.

The new playground was opened in March, with the revised setting attracting huge attention from children of all ages.