Outdoor Musical Instruments

Music is joy – joy that can be heard and felt, whether it is bold or subtle, composed or random.  Musical instruments offer a unique way for children and adults to be creative and express themselves both physically and emotionally.

Not only providing a sensory stimulating experience for all users, outdoor musical instruments bring any recreational setting to life – with solo sounds being just as beautiful as when instruments are combined together.

The sculptural elegance and flowing lines  of our range of Outdoor Musical Instruments are a fine addition to either a sophisticated landscape or urban outdoor setting, and a broad colour palette from bright primaries to neutrals awakens the visual senses too, blending into any environment.

Outdoor music settings bring people together – people of all ages and abilities sharing in their musical creativity, knowledge and joy.

Choose from a vast range of instruments from both the Freenotes Harmony Park  and Landscape Structures’ Rhapsody ranges.