PlayBooster is the original post-and-clamp system and packs in a whirlwind of fun. And with the freshly launched “Vibe” range, we’re elevating design to new heights on the playground.

Children can swing from ring to ring, scurry across a bouncy bridge, swoosh down a squiggly slide, then funnel back to begin again. PlayBooster playsystems let you combine exciting ground-level components with climbing events and overhead activities for the whole-body strength and aerobic workout kids love.

Consider PlayBooster playsystems for sustainability, too. Every component is built to ensure minimal maintenance and replacement, meaning less waste and more play time year after year. Our Proshield™ finish is exceptionally long lasting, with vibrant colour and a glossy finish – and with our Coastal Protection Pack, you’re assured of quality materials to withstand the harshest of environments.

We’ve always been committed to providing accessible playground equipment and with PlayBooster, children of all abilities are welcomed into the fun.  PlayBooster provides plenty of ways for children to get a great whole body strength and aerobic workout while building hand-eye co-ordination and endurance. Designed with an understanding of how children move through space, each PlayBooster event promotes muscle strength and agility while encouraging vigorous physical activity.

Best of all, kids won’t think of it as excercise.  They’ll be too busy having fun!

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