Skatewave – Skate Park Designs

Skatewave – Skate Park Designs

Your community skatepark is about much more than just skateboard ramps and rails.

A skatepark is a haven for local youth riders who want to safely practice their sport, learn from other riders and socialize with others. A skatepark with skateboard ramps literally keeps riders off the street and on the ramp. No more dangerous dodging traffic and potentially damaging public spaces. Skatewave® 3.0 modular community skateparks promote skateboarding in a challenging and safe environment.

You’ll find that Skatewave offers completely customized skateparks, including skateboard ramps, for endless design possibilities. There are even two completely different riding surfaces available on every skate ramp. So your skatepark design can be outstanding when you use Skatewave, your trusted skate park builder.

Plus, you’ll get fast, easy, assembly and hassle-free installation. When you work with Skatewave, you work with a collaborative team, including professional athletes and skate park designers, and a local representative who is with you every step of the way. Not a skatepark builder or skatepark design or equipment expert? With Skatewave you don’t have to be to create an amazing skate park.

Skatewave® is a product of Landscape Structures Inc, an internationally recognized manufacturer of recreational equipment located in Delano, Minn. Founded in 1971, Landscape Structures is known both for groundbreaking design and exceptional engineering.

Dedicated to developing better ways to help kids grow and learn through physical activity, Landscape Structures created Skatewave modular community skatepark systems to serve youth who are ready for new challenges.

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