Weenotes Musical Instruments

Designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone by Grammy Award winning musician Richard Cooke, Freenotes Harmony Park instruments are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the elements of nature.  Based on the pentatonic scale – it’s impossible to make harmonic mistakes, and these instruments never need re-tuning.

Engaging the senses in Early Childhood Play, these instruments are perfectly sized for wee players.  The sculptural elegance and flowing lines are a fine addition to either a sophisticated landscape or urban outdoor setting, and a broad colour palette from bright primaries to neutrals awakens the senses and blends into any environment.

They are working sculptures and true percussion instruments that allure children – musical beginners and experts alike, to play and to enjoy – creating a full sensory experience.

You can listen to the individual instruments here and view the full range here.

On a smaller scale, Richard Cooke has also designed the Freenotes “Wings” instruments – lightweight harmonic instruments designed to enable anyone of any age or musical ability to unlock their innate creative potential.  These instruments are imported by The Alchemy of Sound in Australia and can be purchased online.

View the complete Early Years Catalogue here

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