7 Senses Street Day

The 7 Senses Street Day is a national series of events held in every state on Saturday, 16 November 2013, in an effort to demonstrate that our streets should be more than traffic channels;  they should be places that engage our 7  senses and in doing so create healthier and happier neighbourhoods that include people of all abilities and wellness, and cultivate activity and play.

A new national day of action, 7 Senses Street Day  is inspiring residents around Australia to challenge local councils to rethink our residential street design and champion safer, more playful and inclusive neighbourhoods.

The Street Day initiative was founded with the intent to address the lack of opportunity for children to play safely in the street, and in reaction to the barren design of our streets that leaves residents feeling isolated.  The idea came out of our submission to Building Trust International’s competition

A concept for more engaging and playful streets isn’t new but designs that consider each of our seven human senses provides a simple framework for ensuring engaging, active and inclusive places.