Aaron Nicholls

Our National Specification Manager has wide-reaching experience across several built environment disciplines and is focused on creating best-practice community outcomes.

Aaron Nicholls is driven to uplift the people, communities and places with whom he interacts, drawing on extensive global experience in the Architecture and Design industry to share his passion for the psychology around planning environments. He considers carefully how design solutions are used to solve (often complex) problems; working to a largely consultative method and focusing on the “why” before the “how”.  Aaron thinks laterally, act diplomatically and perform confidently, focussed on negotiating and managing high level win/win outcomes.

Joining Playscape Creations with wide-reaching experience across several built environment disciplines, Aaron’s strengths lie predominately with high-level strategic/consultative Sales, Marketing, Dealer/Distributor and Account Management tasks; having worked with CEOs, CFOs, Boards of Directors, Facilities Managers, Building Officials, Purchasing Officials, Building Contractors, Companies and individuals across all sectors.

Aaron’s skills are further bolstered by a keen personal interest in Architecture, Design and Engineering. His ability to both comprehend and articulate the language and terminology of these industries; most recently in his own regional Architecture & Design practice started with his partner in life and business.  A passion for art, architecture, design thinking and the wellbeing of the environment and community underlines his approach to life and work – such that he was elected as a Local Government representative in 2021. Communicating with enthusiasm and delivering as promised is very important to Aaron and quality underpins his approach.  Transparency informs his methodology.

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