About Us

We are a specialist team thinking beyond the conventional to create unique, award winning recreational spaces to benefit children, families and communities across Australia.

A cornerstone of the Australian Recreational industry since 1998, we have experience across aquatic, play and fitness space design and construction and custom engineering and fabrication projects.

The Mill Adventure and Aquatic Play

Led by Director Marcel Veraart, we are a team of specialists with a diverse range of interests and experiences, dedicated to delivering your unique magic.

In the last 5 years we have delivered:

  • 844 Projects valued at over $43 million
  • 3 Major Waterparks delivered in 2019, valued at over $5.8 million
  • A complete integrated aquatic and adventure play experience valued at over $1.7 million, opened November 2020
  • World first Australian Made aquatic parks in Gladstone and Maryborough, completed June 2021
The Award Winning Lions Park, Gladstone
Design Services
Design Services and Collaborations

Our professional, in-house team is available to support your throughout your design journey; whether you’re looking for an aquatic or an adventure playspace, on indeed an integration of the two.

From bespoke equipment design through to complex spatial and hydraulic advice, we are your partners in delivering an exceptional design to your clients or your community.

Engineering Services
Engineering and Detailed Design

From Concept through to Detailed Design, having the right team on board from the outset is the key to project continuity.

Keeping in mind budgets, site parameters and individual project needs, we can help you undertake the complexities of detailed design documentation, leaning on our years of successful project delivery experience.

Fabrication and Construction Services
Fabrication and Construction

We have a secured local manufacturing supply chain that means we can manufacture custom equipment with a fast turnaround – supporting local businesses, reducing the risks of shipping and material delays and delivering sustainable options.

All Playscape Creations’ designs and equipment are backed by our full time Construction Team, with a proven track record of on-time, on-budget project delivery.

Carvers Reach Stage 1, Park Ridge

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