Alkimos Beach Primary School

The 2017 school year saw Alkimos Beach start with a brand new Primary School.  Collaboration between a number of new school Principals in 2016 saw a brief of achieving ‘something different’ for their new schools, and resulted in them each purchasing the brand new Global Motion – spinning, climbing and socialising all on one awesome unit.

This fully inclusive rotating climber invites an entire group to climb aboard and go for a ride, taking turns climbing multiple nets on 2 levels and encouraging lively activity.

In addition, Rhapsody Chimes and the Kundu, Kettle and Goblet Drums were installed outside of their music classroom offering a unique way for the children to express themselves, both physically and emotionally.  The playful and elegant collection lends itself to any environment and are the perfect addition to the school – encouraging all ages and abilities to share their musical creativity, knowledge and joy with one another.

Further into the year, we were also able to install a new Playbooster playground, designed to offer varied climbing challenge and multiple entry and exit routes to promote non-prescribed play opportunities.  Alongside the Global Motion, this play area is so well equipped to cater for a variety of abilities at play time and offer stimulation and challenge to help children focus better when they get back to class.

We’re sure these bright and vibrant additions to this new school will be enjoyed for many years to come – with fun at their core!