All Saints Anglican School – Slide

All Saints Anglican School were undertaking a complete revamp of Block M, their library and media area.  Burling Brown Architects requested our assistance to design a feature slide that was to offer alternative access from one level to another – completely exiting the building on one level and re-entering on the lower level.

There was a strong structural component to the design and installation of this slide with the structural integrity of the entry and exit locations being of the utmost importance.  The entry and exit locations of the building had to be customized to accommodate both the Static and Dynamic loads applied.  The exterior of the building had large fixed in place louvers that the slide had to clear on its decent and re-entry, and with a fall height of  3m and an offset 2.5m angles were critical.

Adding to the complexity the exterior of the building is hand painted glass panels sitting on the outside of 300mm mullion support walls.

The structural support for the slide was set 300mm back on the inside of the walls and the slide tubes, exit and entry had to be completely sealed to prevent water entering the building.

Due to the soil type engineering for the foundations of the vertical support columns required a continuous curved reinforced pad type foundation pinned to existing foundations at both ends and the exit required Rubber Surfacing with impact attenuation  that not only met the required standards and certification, but was aesthetically pleasing.  Our Ultimate surfacing in Purple contrasted perfectly with the Limon slide and really popped against the surrounding timber flooring.