Amanda Sutherland

Amanda Sutherland is a connector; skilled at bringing together people and their ideas and taking them on an incredible journey to create their own unique recreational spaces.  A passionate advocate for creating healthy, active and connected communities, Amanda looks after our National Business Development.

Committed to Playscape Creations’ quality ethic, Amanda is focused on the design journey as well as the project outcomes, embracing opportunities to improve and personalise the experience and enhance our capabilities along the way.

With an in-depth knowledge of the business and more than 10 years experience at Playscape Creations, Amanda has been involved with contract and project management and coordination as well as enhancing our supplier relationships and ensuring smooth and effective product integration.

Our product knowledge expert, Amanda has complete comprehension of each of the products in Playscape Creations’ extensive range, allowing her to piece together the needs that authentically fulfill all stakeholder requirements.  By liaising closely with both local and overseas suppliers Amanda is able to ensure that the marketplace needs are met.

Past experience and extensive history within the business gives Amanda a robust understanding and perspective on creating liveable cities and thriving communities through the re-integration of community and recreational spaces.

Her passion and energy for finding the unique character in every project and every client is contagious; working with our team of specialists, Amanda always captures the imaginations of clients on what is possible on how we can add that extra bit of magic.