Amara Active Park

Centrally located in Avid Property Group’s most recent development in Ormeau, Amara Active Park is surrounded by a curated, leafy neighbourhood in a precious pocket of enduring natural beauty, where 40% of the project is dedicated to nature and open space.. The playground is part of a broader masterplan that draws inspiration from the native flora and serves as a meeting point for residents of Amara to gather and play.

Amara Park Aerial View

Designed by the very talented team at CUSP, the playground is set within a circle defined by sandstone blocks; which not only serve as seating for onlooking carers and parents but also an anchoring feature that connects the natural surroundings that are innately non-linear in appearance.

The design brief for the playground equipment was primarily nature-based, with the added challenge of not using any natural materials. Our design and engineering team were set the task to replicate the natural beauty of our Rustik range that features Australian Hardwood but limited to using powder coated steel – which gave way for our Steel Tallaganda Hut.

Amara Steel Finish Corten Look
Amara Dry River Creek Bed

Based on the original Tallaganda Hut, and featuring stunning powdercoated steel posts, this structure is an invitation for children near and far to come and explore. The playtower is accessed by a series of challenging climbing nets, giving children opportunities to find their own path through the obstacles. Imaginative and social play opportunities abound, allowing children to design their own games and experiences, collaborating and learning along the way.

Amara Rubber Domes

Offering an elevated outlook and safe hangout zone, the Tallaganda Hut also features an exhilarating twisted tube slide, giving children a free ride to the ground and an epic reward for their climbing efforts. The play experience is extended by a custom swing, rubber mounds and a rocking quad-rider which allows for a wide range of ages groups to play together. The central dry riverbed creek acts as a natural spine that connects each of the playground’s spaces together, and forms a natural undulating thoroughfare that further connects this neighbourhood’s playground with its leafy, enduring natural beauty.

Amara Steel Tallaganda Hut
Amara Climbing Structures
Amara Steel Tallaganda Hut

In collaboration with the team at CUSP the playground equipment was curated with nature-inspired playground equipment, a playtower, a custom swing, and unstructured play equipment that allow children of all ages and adults alike to immerse themselves in the region’s rich greenery – creating a truly harmonic connection to the natural environment.  The project Principal Contractor was TLCC.

Featured Equipment in this playspace

Playscape Creations Custom Steel Tallaganda Hut

Steel Tallaganda Hut (Custom)

Timber Version here

Playscape Creations Custom Steel Swing

Steel Single Bay Swing (Custom)

Timber Version here

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