Anna Rogers

With over 10 years in the construction and engineering sectors Anna holds a bachelor degree and diplomas in Business, Marketing and Multimedia

What do you like most about the industry?
Nothing beats hearing children squeal with excitement as they play!  I love that I am part of a company that is designing, engineering and constructing innovative and meaningful community assets that allow individuals to connect with the environment and a wider community

What do you like most about PSC?
Working with a team that can turn our client’s recreational visions into reality

What was your highlight at PSC so far?
Seeing my daughter explore and play at many of Playscape Creations’ parks, particularly Wynnum Whales

Why was it a highlight?
The joy on her face is priceless every time she lines up to experience the rush of the massive tipping bucket

What is your favourite recreational item we provide?
Any of the Crystal Fountains products as they create vibrant focal points that will bring communities together as they engage or interact with the dynamic water features – both day and night

What’s your Motto in life?
You will never regret being kind