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Aquatic Playscapes: Knowledge Sessions

Considering adding an aquatic playscape to your recreational design or community asset?

An incredible inter-generational sensory experience, waterplay offers opportunities for people of all ages to socialise in a fun and active environment.  But the fun above the ground is only the tip of the iceberg; consideration of the infrastructure and water quality elements is key to design, engineer and construct a safe, healthy and successful aquatic environment.

Book a Knowledge Session with our Aquatics knowledge specialist, Shane Vardy, to learn more about the key considerations of Aquatics Playscape and Waterpark design, including:

Industry Trends

So much more than ground sprays and dumping buckets, learn about the evolution of the aquatic industry and the upcoming trends for 2020 – from interactive water plazas offering night-time activation to bespoke aquatics and splashpad elements that integrate with total space theming and design.

Safety in Design

Water Quality is the number one consideration aquatic environments, as we have an obligation to provide a safe and hygienic water park for the community.  Learn more about the recently released QLD Health Water quality guidelines and what it means for waterpark designers and the asset owners.

Design Overview

Designing an aquatic playspace is a balanced consideration of a multitude of factors, including:

Site Considerations

From the unique needs of the community that use the space to site specific requirements such as soil conditions, flood risk and adjacent amenities, what do we need to consider for the site?

Holistic Design

From standard products to complete bespoke theming and design, an aquatic playspace needs to fill the client’s expectations for look and theming.  From concept design through to detailed design stage and tender documentation, learn more about integrated design processes for complete waterpark design.

Technical Considerations

Taking into consideration the QLD Health Water quality guidelines and the anticipated bather loads and hydraulic flows, what are the requirements for plantroom, electrical, sewer and stormwater services, the availability of potable water and ongoing maintenance.

Aquatic environments also require structural, hydraulic and equipotential bonding engineering prior to product fabrication and aquatic park construction.  Ensuring these elements are fully resolved prior to your build saves time and associated costs.

Asset Lifecycle Costs and Considerations

Operational costs

This topic is often overlooked; however it is a critical element for the final asset owner to consider ongoing operational costs and processes for budgetary considerations on capital asset lifecycle costs.

Ongoing Maintenance Requirements

Generally, aquatic facility pool operators are experienced in providing water quality for swimming pools, however, splash pad water treatment and management requires specialised training.  In this kind of environment, bather loads are higher over a smaller volume of water; the potential for contaminants is more concentrated and the operational parameters around chemical dosing must be professionally monitored and adjusted accordingly.

There are a number of telemetry and remote monitoring systems now available so water quality can be monitored offsite; providing easier and more consistent ongoing monitoring of water quality management.


Designed to be a fun and interactive session, there will also be time for you to ask your burning waterplay questions, as well as discuss aquatics project scope and the ways in which Playscape Creations can help.


Aquatic Playscapes Knowledge Session


Shane Vardy


About Shane

As the Aquatics Business Development Specialist, Shane is responsible for total project management for all aquatic playspaces including design consultations, project costing and contract management. With more than 5 years’ experience and several multi-million dollar aquatics playscapes successfully completed, Shane is a strong leader and strives to deliver community focussed outcomes while providing his clients with a strong return on their investment.