Introducing Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

In exclusive first to market access, we’re showcasing Atlantis Liquid Dynamics and invite you to experience the latest in aquatic innovation.

Over coming weeks, we’ll share the catalyst that led to the creation of the Atlantis range of aquatic equipment, and how stunning aesthetics have been considered hand-in-hand with durability, longevity and sustainability.

Jellyfish Splashpad Atlantis Liquid Dynamics
What is Atlantis Liquid Dynamics_

Dynamic, inviting and interactive, water has the ability to bring communities together, activating previously unused spaces to become an epicentre of social and fun activity.

Atlantis Liquid Dynamics has been born from the desire to reintroduce water elements to the public realm in endlessly innovative ways.

Jellyfish Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

By integrating stunning aesthetics with the latest sustainable technologies, water features are elevated from functional or playable pieces to elements of stunning architecture.   A sense of grand scale and opulence is conveyed, coupled with water’s power to soothe and calm the senses in an immersive experience that is completely customisable to your space.

Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful indoor feature or an aquatic play feature on a grand scale, Atlantis’ designs are stylish, modern, timeless.  In touch with classic styles but unafraid to be bold and innovative, the Atlantis range of aquatic elements merges architectural design with opulent materiality to create customisable features that are truly magical.

Designed and fabricated in Australia to suit the needs of our unique environment, Atlantis elements are fully supported by a Brisbane-based team for ultimate piece of mind.

In Transit Jellyfish Airport Atlantis Liquid Dynamics
In Transit Airport Jellyfish create a statement

The ebb and flow of travel is ever changing; what better way to anchor people to a time and place then through sculptural elements designed to engage travellers as they await their next adventure?

Atlantis Lookbook

With a stunning array of inspirational conceptual design renders and product features, the Atlantis lookbook is your guide to creating incredible aquatic features.

A beautifully printed book suitable for your product and resource libraries, you can register to receive your copy using the link below.

Pirates Ahoy Title Atlantis Liquid Dynamics
Pirates Ahoy Ship Atlantis Liquid Dynamics
Tri Tree with palm leaves and tipping buckets

Stunning Themed Options

An era marked by adventure and intrigue, exploration and treasure, pirates evoke a feeling of wanderlust in all of us.

This pirate ship has just run aground, bow and stern ripped asunder by unrelenting waves. Only the masts are still standing, slightly askew and showering users with a rainfall curtain far below.

An architecturally curved tree standing at over 5m tall, this Y Tree is fitted with spherical tipping buckets that release torrents of water without warning to waiting people below.

Custom theming options are available to enhance the Y Tree’s appearance.

H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild designed by Atlantis

Atlantis at Wet’n’Wild

In the first installation in Australia, Atlantis Liquid Dynamics elements have been installed at Wet’n’Wild for Village Roadshow Theme Parks on the Gold Coast.

Featuring giant Jellyfish, C Horses and imagined Sea Grasses, the H2Oasis is an incredible splashpad, designed to cater to the whole family.

Alfresco Cafe Botanical Atlantis Liquid Dynamics
Alfresco Café Title Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

A rejuvenation project in keeping with the original design intent of the building, the Greenhouse Café is now home to a stunning array of re-imagined botanical forms, delivering pools of tranquillity within a relaxing alfresco dining experience.

Adjacent to the dining space, Dude Leaf elements have been arranged in formations central to three raised pools.  An area for informal seating and intimate conversations, these pools add a firm delineation between the dining and water feature spaces. 

Triple Bingo rings have been adorned with acrylic leaves to add a feeling of lightness and transparency, creating a gentle misting archway for diners to walk through to reach the water plaza.  The use of repeated forms creates islands of observation, with plenty of space for everyone to gather and interact in their own way.

Dude Leaf Trumpet Atlantis Liquid Dynamics

Atlantis Liquid Dynamics Storybook Lookbook

Atlantis Lookbook

Want to learn more about Atlantis Aquatic elements and what they can do to enhance your designs?

Register using the link below to receive a beautiful printed lookbook; designed to inspire your next project.

Your Aquatics Specialist

If you haven’t already met Shane Vardy, allow us to introduce our Aquatics expert.

Shane Vardy has extensive experience designing, operating and maintaining aquatic facilities; from small footprint splash pads to complex multi-level systems and aquatic parks. 

footprint splash pads to complex multi-level systems and aquatic parks.  With multiple tertiary qualifications relating to the safe and effective operation of an aquatic facility and up-to-the-minute knowledge of complex water quality guidelines and environments, Shane understands the intricacies involved in undertaking a water play project.

Shane vardy Aquatics Specialist

With over 16 years’ experience within the fabrication, construction and commercial design sectors, and driven by a passion to understand complex projects and systems, Shane has the ability to guide people through very technical concepts with simplicity and grace.