Australian Health Survey

It’s the most comprehensive study of the health of Australians ever undertaken – and the news was not great.  The study has unfortunately found that 67% of Australians perform little to no exercise, and obesity rates in adults are continuing to grow.  Types of exercise covered in the survey included walking, moderate and vigorous exercise for sport, recreation or fitness.  We’re not talking about 2 hour personal training sessions in the gym – we’re talking about general outdoor physical activity.

Healthy habits formed early in life can follow on throughout childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.  As human nature would have it, behavioural changes towards a healthier lifestyle need to occur with a minimum amount of effort for the individual – the healthy choice needs to be the easy choice.  Easy access and fun, stimulating, multigenerational environments.

There is strong national and international evidence that local environments can help people to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles.  Being involved in recreational space planning, we have an obligation to provide the best solutions we can to meet the recreational needs of the Community as a whole – encouraging everyone outside to a Healthier more active lifestyle..