Birriwa Reserve

The Camden Recreation Demand Study was undertaken in 2013. This study identified the need for the development of an outdoor youth facility/plaza with larger adventure playgrounds to meet the needs of 12-17 year olds in the Camden LGA, as one of the top ten priorities. The location of this facility was decided owing to the growing youth population located in and around this area, creating a space for teenagers to call their own at Mt Annan.

The space features adventure play equipment including our board rider, air rider, aero tilt and Inclusive Orbit – all designed to promote active, more challenging play, but also to promote togetherness and inclusion.  Teen play requires risk taking, maintenance of social status, as well as opportunities to build healthy relationships with their peers.

Local Cr Symkowiak said the location also provided a safe area for youth to gather due to the high visibility of the space from the road and surrounding businesses.