Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba

Yarrabilba is a new generation master planned community located in the City of Logan, Queensland.  Just opened, Borrol Lookout Park the green heart of Yarrabilba, surrounded by nature, and dedicated to connecting its residents to parks, open spaces and the natural environment.

Located on the highest point in Yarrabilba, Borrol Lookout Park sits on a rocky outcrop referred to as South Rock, and has an expansive view of the mountains to the south which are central to the story telling evident throughout the parklands.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba

Designed by RPS Group Principal Landscape Architect Emma Fraser, the new playspace has been planned to support community connection, encourage children to learn about the park’s cultural significance, and embrace the natural surroundings.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba
“The vision for the park is to share Country with the community through retelling the Yugambeh story of Bingingerra. The design retains the existing vegetation, protects the rock face, and celebrate the view to the mountains,” - Emma Fraser

The design intent was to include nature-inspired playground equipment, and net structures that allows children and adults alike to immerse themselves in the region’s rich heritage – creating a truly harmonic connection to the natural environment.

The Borrol Lookout Park, project was designed by RPS Group, with Principal Contractor Eureka Landscapes and delivered for Lend Lease.

All equipment has been specifically designed to engage with users and invite them to play, with the organic nature of the hardwood timber structures creating a tactile element that will develop a unique patina over time, hand rubbed and polished by the countless hands that will pass over them.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba

A wide, stainless-steel slide has been built into an embankment at the top of the park, giving children a stunning view and adrenalin rush as they race to the bottom.  The embankment features an array of organic materials and carefully curated flora, creating a sensory experience on the climb to the top.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba

An all-abilities carousel allows children in wheelchairs to transfer directly onto the carousel and spin and engage with their peers, encouraging social inclusion and community building.

Connection to Country

The word Borrol means mountain (range or peak) in the Yugembeh language.

Jabree, the cultural heritage body for Yarrabilba, has collaborated with Lendlease and RPS Group to outline cultural stories and help incorporate the local culture within the Yarrabilba development.

From this collaboration, two key stories have been explored in this park, the nearby Bora Ring and the creation of Mount Witheren – Bingingerra.

The Bora Ring story is told at the top of the rock face at the Borrol Lookout Park, set within a circle of boulders within the existing vegetation. This provides a quiet reflective space and can also be used by the neighbouring school as an outdoor learning space. There is an interpretive sign that tells the story of the Bora Ring and it is believed that the singing and clapping from the corroboree could be heard from this vantage point.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba


The Mount Witheren-Bingingerra story is a connection to country story of a battle between the land animals and sea animals. The Freshwater Turtle (Bingingerra) led the land animals in this battle. The land animals won but Biningerra died from his wounds. His body formed the Bingingerra mountain (Mt Witheren) which can be seen from this park. 

Borrol Lookout Park View Bingingerra mountain Mount Witheren

The Bingingerra story is woven into the playground using carved totems and paving patterns that relate to the key animals. Story signage plinths that tell the story are placed throughout the playground.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba
Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba

Problem Solving

Quite late into the program, there was an issue in securing the Viking Swing that had been specified for the area adjacent to the embankment slide.  An integral part of the adventurous play opportunities for children, a solution needed to be found before the park’s opening in early June.

Working with Eureka Landscape and RPS Group, the Playscape Creations’ Design team came up with a solution that fit within the existing footprint and fallzone extent, and then went on to engineer and deliver this product in under 8 weeks.

Playscape Creations Custom Viking Swing
Concept Design
Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba

Learn More

Learn more about Yarrabilba and the Borrol Lookout Park here

To see the equipment used throughout this project and for further information including images, specification sheets and CAD files, click the product below to be taken to the Design Library.

Borrol Lookout Park, Yarrabilba case study
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