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Bouncing Facilities

Bouncing Facilities are for Everyone!

There’s a common misconception that bouncing facilities are only for able-bodies kids or those without disabilities or special conditions.  But bouncing facilities are designed for everyone to enjoy, and the joys of rebounding are available to all.

Whether placed alone or in series, in conjunction with other play equipment and mounding or a stand-alone feature, bouncing is a truly inclusive activity for people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

This includes many kids with certain disabilities, physical impairments and special medical conditions.

In fact, a high-quality bounce facility may provide even more benefits to kids with special needs than to those who are fully healthy and able. Not only do they provide a safe and fun playground addition for kids with special needs, but they also make excellent tools for physical therapy and health improvement, all while having fun.

Inclusive wheelchair accessible Air Jumpers
Air Jumpers Circular Platforms
AirJumpers for all-abilities
All-abilities benefits

Rebound Therapy can provide multiple benefits including the development and improvement of bone and joint strength, improved coordination and balance, heightened self-confidence and sensory stimulation

Rebound therapy is using a bouncing platform to target motor skill development such as balance while sitting, kneeling, standing and walking, functional transfers such as rolling and sit to stand and aerobic activity such as jumping.

Universal Design

The AirJumper products are born from Universal Design principles. As the designer, Universal Play focus specifically on developing products suited for children and adults who don’t have access to traditional play opportunities. This is what drives their values, and it’s what sets them apart.

AirJumpers in Series
AirJumpers and Mounding Play

The Air Jumper mats are made by re-purposing mining conveyor belt, and all materials in the products are either recyclable or re-usable. Universal Play proudly maintains net zero certification status, investing in key forestry projects though the purchase of carbon units.

See the Air Jumpers Range

We have a range of Air Jumpers available for immediate specification and use in your upcoming designs. You can see the range of products here.

Air Jumpers collaborative play
Air Jumpers place in series square
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