Carver’s Reach

Centrally located between Brisbane City and the Gold Coast, Carver’s Reach is a boutique community, encompassing 6 hectares of weaving parkland and surrounded by an environmental biodiversity corridor.

Designed to attract families who love to be close to parks, forest and creeks, an enchanting community playground was an important focus for the estate developers, Golden Gate Property.

Carver's Reach

Acting as a beacon to attract potential home buyers from near and far, the Mountain Tower in the Carver’s Reach playground, integrates beautifully into the green space while adding scale and grandness to the surrounding environment.

Packed with play value over 4 levels, this 10m high tower offers multiple points of ingress for children over 6 years of age, with sliding options at different heights to test their daring.

Carver's Reach

The Carver’s Reach Mountain Tower delivers different points of outlook over the whole community; through nets, bubble panels that make you feel as if you’re standing on air and of course right from the very top.

A linear climbing feature challenges children of all ages to traverse from one end of the playground to the other without touching the floor, and the multi-coloured rope choices clearly define one activity from the next.

Carver's Reach

A huge mega swing encourages social vestibular experiences, with the challenge set to get a full swing platform of kids to reach as high as they can.  Further spinning and movement experiences can be discovered throughout the park with a Gravity Bowl and Gravity Rider appealing to children of all ages.

Carver's Reach

There is something for everyone in this space, from the carefully designed shelters and seating to the stunning entry statement featuring reclaimed timbers and an introduction to the settlers who first called Park Ridge home.

The revitalised storm water channel is now an aesthetic feature and an integral part of the rehabilitation of the surrounding environment that includes re-planting threatened local Bailey’s Cypress Pine species.

Carver's Reach

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To see the equipment used throughout this project and for further information including images, specification sheets and CAD files, click the product below to be taken to the Design Library.

Carver's Reach Everest Mountain

 Everest                                                 Gravity Bowl                                 Gravity Rider

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