Eagleby Wetlands nature play park

The recently established Eagleby Wetlands nature play park is located in the beautiful environment of Queensland’s Eagleby Wetlands, surrounded by a peaceful gumtree landscape.

Spanning across Queensland, Australia, the Eagleby Wetlands include an extensive environmental reserve showcasing a diverse ecosystem of wetlands, waterways, and natural habitats. This significant area serves as a crucial sanctuary for numerous bird species, providing shelter for both migrating and resident birds.

Renowned for its breathtaking vistas, extensive walking trails, and abundant opportunities for nature observation and birdwatching, the wetlands stand as a much-loved sanctuary. Beyond its scenic appeal, these wetlands play a pivotal role in preserving regional biodiversity and nurturing the diverse wildlife that thrives within this ecological treasure.

The planning of the Eagleby Wetlands nature play park, drew inspiration from the various life stages of the Latham’s Snipe Bird. Our approach aimed to authentically represent this diverse ecosystem by incorporating our eco-conscious Rustik range, in line with our environmental commitment.

At the core of the park lies the Rustik Mulleringa play system, constructed from sustainable hardwood sourced from responsible forestry and repurposed timber. This system transforms nature play by seamlessly integrating natural elements into the playground’s design ethos.

Eagleby Wetlands nature play park

Functionally, the Rustik Mulleringa exceeds traditional play structures. Its design encourages non-prescriptive play, offering diverse climbing, height, and exploration opportunities. Multiple children can engage simultaneously, encouraging essential developmental skills such as balance, coordination, proprioception, core strength, and cooperative play within a socially engaging environment.

Eagleby Wetlands nature play park, complements the wetlands’ diverse ecosystem of waterways and natural habitats. Known for its scenic beauty, walking trails, and opportunities for nature observation and birdwatching.

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