City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane

We have recently completed the installation of a stunning custom designed, All Abilities playground in the City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane.  Key to this development was a design that enabled people of all ages and abilities to have equal access and participation in play.  Not only were there botanical themes to be considered in our design, but also the Heritage Council had a major input in ensuring the design met with the heritage of this older part of the city.

When we look to achieving sustainable investments, Brisbane City Council has certainly considered the needs of the wider community who will be visiting this destination park.  The design brief was to maximise the integration of play opportunities for people of all abilities, while creating a site specific response to the botanical setting.  The physical and social connections between the gardens, the playground and its users had to combine to create a playful and engaging space with unique custom designed play opportunities.

Musical and sensory stimulation, physical and mental challenges and unique aesthetics that will certainly add value to the experience of visitors to the City Botanic Gardens.

The development only has its official opening in June, however the playground area will be open in the coming weeks.

So for now, just a sneak peek ……….