Continued Professional Development

At Playscape Creations, we have furthered our passion for ensuring effective Inclusive and All Abilities Playscape design by recently becoming qualified for approved CPD Points with our presentations on Inclusive Play. Focussing on ensuring an understanding of the essential needs of the Inclusive Playspace, and exceeding those expectations, we hope to aid in the design and development of multifunctional and multigenerational All Abilities recreational spaces. Through education and knowledge sharing we can reach a Higher Level of Inclusive Play.

Tobias Volbert has recently hosted 4 presentations, including one in Townsville for Project Services with excellent demand and attendance.

These presentations are arranged through Architectural Information Services but can be booked by contacting our office.

The below testimonials demonstrate the benefits gained across the various market sectors who contribute to the planning and designing of our community recreational spaces.

“Tobias skills and background as a landscape architect are clearly evident as is his knowledge and experience in the sphere of Inclusive Playscapes.

Through his presentation he imparts essential knowledge and expands upon the concepts and philosophy of inclusive play, and defines the parameters continually redefine the world of access and accessibility,

There is a ‘breaking down the barriers’ approach where play involves stimulating the senses, where diversity in age and ability, are considered equally and without isolating or discriminating against a user group.

The discussion on the benefits of this holistic approach was both relevant and educational and had parallels that go well beyond the landscape of the playground, and should extend into contemporary Urban Design and the Built Environment.”

Richard Foster
Principal Architect, Project Service NQ

“Tobias presented an engaging and thought provoking CPD presentation to both the architects and landscape architects.  The title premised the requirements of playgrounds for those with disabilities, however we gained a deeper understanding of the benefits of sensory and tactile experiences in play structures, and NOT just the physical accessibility. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it and went away thinking further about the benefits of thoughtful, accessible playground design.”

Ilka Salisbury 
Landscape Architect GDLA, Wilson Landscape Architects