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Create a Unique Destination

With more than 20 years’ experience in adventure and aquatic play experiences, we have helped Councils around Australia create award-winning destinations that boost community engagement, tourism prospects and economic benefits for local businesses. How?

Let Playscape Creations help you create a Tourist Destination
Create a Destination

To stand out, we must have something unique. Something no-one else has. We are a country of “Big” icons – From The Big Banana to Barramundi and Kangaroos.  But you don’t have to go “Big” to earn your place on the map.

Let Playscape Creations help you increase local business patronage
Multi-User, Multi-Purpose

Using innovative design principles, we help you design inter-generational spaces that attract people of all ages and abilities.

Let Playscape Creations help you earn revenue from your investment
Investments that Generate Revenue

Recreational spaces are an investment back into the health and happiness of your community.  However, there are some ways in which this investment can also generate revenue outside of a social currency.

Destination Splashpark Design with Slides and theming

Success Stories

Here’s just a few of the successful destinations we have worked with Councils to create over the last few years.  With the ability to engage with Councillors and Mayors, Council Design Teams, Community Stakeholders and Landscape Architects, we help you navigate through the complexities of conceptual design, engineering and certification throughout the entire process – design and construction.

Award winning Aquatic Play at The Mill WaterPlay Petrie
The Mill @ Moreton Bay

The Mill Playground features custom designed adventure and aquatic play spaces, carefully designed to include universal access zones, non-prescribed junior play and multiple level adventure exploration.  The combination of aquatic and adventure play provides a unique opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to explore the limits of play while offering stunning socialisation and relaxation spaces for the broader community.

A part of a 460 hectare Priority Declared Area, “The Mill” includes 110 hectares of conservation and recreation areas as well as a major university campus and train station.  The integrated aquatic and adventure playground is at the entry to the emerging centre and is an important statement by Moreton Bay Regional Council that recreational facilities are critical to community needs in the development of new places. The introduction of Council’s largest free zero depth water play element also heralded a shift in their approach to delivery of play spaces.

Create a Tourist Destination L

Creating: Destination

Creating a destination unique to your community is about highlighting the very things that enhance your regions’ liveability and then celebrating them!  Telling the story of your people, your history and inviting others to experience it for themselves.

Flagstone Water Play Park

A joint venture between Logan City Council and property developers PEET, the Flagstone Water Play Park is designed to be a beacon to both local residents and others that want to come and try it out, explore the area, and maybe even buy a home there.

The splashpark is a welcome relief to all who come to visit and escape the summer heat, with increased patronage at local businesses and a boost in interest in joining the Flagstone community since the water play park opened in December 2019.  Complete with an amenities building and café, the splashpark is a destination for people from all over South East Queensland.

Flagstone Water Play Park

Lions Park, Mt Tamborine
Lions Park, Mt Tamborine

The Lions Park playground at Tamborine Mountain is a hidden gem for locals and visitors alike, with a stunning nature inspired playspace and shaded seating areas set amid towering gumtrees and extensive gardens.

A collaboration between Scenic Rim Regional Council, Tamborine Mountain Lions Club, and QLD State Government, the natural timbers have been enhanced by the use of thousands of children over the past few years, providing a stunning educational experience for the adjacent childcare service and a quiet spot away from the main street hustle and bustle for tourists.

Increase local patronage and extend the experience

Extending the Experience

Integrating play elements, aquatic fun and water features as well as stunning aesthetic elements and lots of socialisation spaces, we can create an environment that encourages people to come back time and time again.

The addition of low-energy use LED lighting features or choreographed fountains adds night-time activation to the space, turning it into a multi-purpose venue for community functions like markets, or seasonal celebrations like Christmas Carols.

Our Services

The Mill Adventure Tower Concept Design
Conceptual Design

Our team excels at imagining the impossible – taking your vision and communities’ needs and turning into something that brings pure magic to your region.

Engaging with stakeholders and considering your unique needs allows us to layer the recreational experience through play value, access and integration, utilising existing resources and building for the future.

All designs are undertaken in three-dimensional space and conceptually rendered so you can see your dreams being built from the ground up.

The huge geodesic dome on the central raintree
Specialist Advice

More than just your design partner, we can also help to provide you with accurate operational and maintenance costings for your projects so you understand the total asset cost across its expected lifecycle upfront.  This service is available across aquatic, adventure play and fitness projects.

Hydraulic and structural engineering and materiality advice are all areas in which we have specialist experience and the ability to help guide you through the complexities of detailed design and construction.  Engaging with Playscape Creations as a consultant from the outset helps ensure any risk factors are considered and mitigated before you enter project detailed design or tender phase.

Our Construction team takes your project to completion

A full Construction team stands behind Playscape Creations’ recreational designs, licensed under QBCC QBCC and supported Master Builders QLD.  Experienced in the complete delivery of designed aquatics and adventure playspaces, innovation follows through from design to completion, supported by our professional documentation suite.  Projects are consistently delivered on-time, on-budget and stress free.

We would love to help you take your project from a dream to a reality. Book some time to have a chat – whether over the phone, via online meetings or in person – to discuss further. Choose a time that suits you best by clicking on the link above.

Create additional revenue streams

Building Every Community’s Economy

Adjacent businesses benefit directly through increased patronage and foot traffic to the area; creating potential re-investment back into the community.  Seasonal hospitality businesses such as food trucks and ice-cream vans can also benefit, offering visitors the refreshment they’re looking for.

Aquatic playspaces can be managed and gated, or integrated with existing aquatic facilities, with entry costs not only covering supervision expenses but generating substantial revenue for Council.

More Success Stories

Logan Gardens Water Park
Logan Gardens Water Park

Situated halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Logan City is a multicultural riverside region, home to more than 300,000 Queenslanders.  Full of natural beauty, with extensive parks, wetlands and nature reserves, the Logan Region is also an economic hub for local businesses.

To reflect the importance of the indigenous community to Logan City’s culture, local aboriginal artist Jessica Skeen-McKinnon was engaged to create the interactive artwork on the raised toddler table and the stunning shade arbours surrounding the splashpark. 

Lions Park, Gladstone

Gladstone has a strong Industrial history, so when Gladstone Regional Council engaged us to design this park we drew on the pioneer of technology in Leonardo da Vinci, and then added natural elements to provide this “Industry meets Nature” inspired design. The overall form is based interlocking cogs, a symbol of our own symbiosis within the broader community.

Incorporating additional inter-generational features such as accessible pathways and seating, stunning aesthetic elements and extensive gardens with all-abilities play experiences has created a destination for locals and tourists alike. 

Innovative motion activated lighting and misting delivers longer activation of the space; both throughout the warmer months and late into the evenings.

Lions Park, Gladstone inspired by Da Vinci