Covella Heartland Central Park

Nestled within the peaceful community of Covella, our new playground Covella Heartland Central Park, perfectly encapsulates the harmony between modern living and serene surroundings.

Designed by Saunders Havill Group, this green oasis located in Greenbank, southwest of Brisbane, offers a stunning 6,500 sqm of open green space, catering to residents of all ages. The park boasts a variety of exciting amenities, including a playground with a challenging climbing tower, slides, a toddler system for junior park goers and swings, as well as a pump track, half basketball court, and an area for casual games.

Covella Central Heartland Qubix Tower

From the moment you drive into Covella and take in your surroundings, a sense of tranquillity and community will embrace you.  A master planned community, landscaped gardens and neighbourhood parks blend seamlessly into the surrounding forest and play host to picnic lawns, playing fields and a community garden. 

Created to host a range of fun-filled local events and carefree activities like fitness sessions, bocce, lawn games and yoga, Covella Heartland Central Park is the centerpiece of a community that values connection.

Covella Heartland Central Park

The central tower has been designed to offer elevated points of outlook across the whole estate, allowing children to take a bird’s eye view of the surroundings alongside the physical challenge of climbing to the top.  Paying homage to the Covella aesthetic, the colours of the tower have been customised to feature the prominent blue and salmon of the Covella branding, making it iconic in every setting.

With multi-level pop outs, slides at two levels, interactive play panels and so many different climbing and active play opportunities, the central Tower gives a new and exciting play experience for children, every time they visit.

Adjacent to the main play tower and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the senior play is a junior play unit, featuring multiple access points, bridges, a crawl tunnel, slides and even an imagination stimulating shop front to allow younger children to play and interact together on a right-size system, just for them.


An accessible carousel with wheelchair access allows children of all ages and abilities to interact and engage in inclusive play without any barriers, where the speed of travel is not restricted and encourages users to test their limits and daring.

The playground favourite, a two-bay swing, is a highlight in this space, with one bay featuring a toddler and strap seat for kids of all ages, while the adjacent bay features a huge basket seat where multiple children can swing and laugh together.

The epic pump track, half court and kick about areas create a space for people of all ages, encouraging active participation and even some friendly competition.

For those seeking relaxation, shaded areas with existing and new trees provide the perfect place for a relaxing picnic, or simply to soak up some vitamin D and watch the world pass you by.  Covella Heartland Central Park is the living heart of Covella, encouraging connections between neighbours, friends, and families, as well as a central outdoor recreation hub for the residents of Greenbank.

Project Gallery – Covella Heartland Central Park

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The Qubix Tower, as featured at Covella Heartland Central Park, is set to become part of an exciting new range of unstructured play features, featuring an industrial aesthetic and an inclusive design that allows for active adult supervision. If you love the aesthetics of this tower and think it could complement one of your upcoming projects, please reach out to the team!

2D and 3D files are available, and there are multiple configurations with height and layout variations to ensure there is a system that will suit your unique site.

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