Sharing Design Philosphies

At Playscape Creations, we thrive on a culture of partnership with like minded organisations.  Alliances within the industry not only ensure we are in touch with the latest design philosophies but offer us an opportunity to be involved in change – change that results in improving the well-being of our communities through the provision of better recreational spaces.

Supporting Tobias Volbert, our Landscape Architect’s involvement on the Boards of AILDM and UDAL, we have seen him make an impact on a number of levels, sharing and constantly improving the Design Philosophies we incorporate into recreational spaces and urban design.

Tobias recently attended the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show with AILDM and was thrilled to be involved in their “place.grow.shift” display – an innovative notion of creating various designs from the same components, allowing the shapes to work together to create completely new and different displays.  Completely sustainably – nothing left over – everything reutilised!

You can read more about the display and concept here ……..

Tobias is also really excited at the launch of the UDAL (Urban Design Alliance) 2013 Year Book.  Capturing the key learnings from the practice calendar of 2013, the Yearbook provides a summary of the presentations and workshop exercises.

  • 15 presenters from a range of disciplines
  • Over 100 pages of information and illustrations
  • Topics of healthy urbanism, transport corridors, neighbourhood design, culture and identity, and city-making.
  • Summary of the history of UDAL and the UDAL Agenda for Urban Quality

Rather than professionals, institutions, groups etc acting independently, UDAL brings them together in an Alliance to deliver coordinated urban design outcomes, which continue to improve the quality of public places across QLD.  Playscape Creations shares the same design philosophy of achieving outcomes through a strong collaborative, multi-disciplinary and holistic process.

The book is available for purchase from the UDAL website