Designing Fitness Focussed Playgrounds

When it comes to healthy children and healthy communities, it’s not a question of wanting to do the right thing; it’s a question of how to do it. Statistics on obesity rates and negative lifestyle changes over generations illustrate the need for community changes and the importance of motivating kids to be active.

Creating playground designs that get and keep kids active will help to make a positive, healthy impact on our communities.  The physical fitness benefits gained by children utilising fun and challenging playgrounds are also important in a child’s development and building a healthy future.  Designing playgrounds with these fitness benefits in mind will help to motivate kids to achieve their maximum fitness level for a lifetime of healthier living.

We can start with a few key points

– Identify the importance of several fitness benefits gained on the playground

– Identify why each fitness benefit is crucial to successful child development

– Identify which playground components provide specific fitness benefits and why

– Plan a playground designed for maximum physical fitness benefits

and we’re well on the way to delivering more than a playground – but a recreational space that challenges the children physically, and in turn mentally.