Working together with Landscape Architects Place Design Group, the playspace in this new Sunshine Coast development was configured with an island layout – creating “islands” of play for toddlers and older children with a further fitness island too.  Set amidst established vegetation, passive play opportunities link the islands along with sandstone boulders providing additional seating and non-prescribed play.

The toddler zone offers age appropriate sensory play opportunities, digging, spinning, climbing and a whole host of activities on the play unit.  The next island is more active and challenging with varied climbing, more vigorous spinning and a large timber basket swing all developmentally appropriate to older children.  Lastly, the fitness equipment included in the third island offers the opportunity for balance, agility and upper body strengthening, and the 3 level chin up/twirl bars mean that all sizes are catered for here.

Numerous shelters create great social gathering hubs, promoting longer play experiences and community interaction in this unique recreational space.