Donna Goodall

Working with ASL’s marketing and updating material and project information, Donna has a personal interest and great appreciation for the latest generation playground equipment – through the eyes of a grandmother committed to outdoor recreational play.

What do you like most about the industry?

The opportunity to provide playgrounds that stimulate and expand the imagination of children and adults alike.

What do you like most about ASL?

The professionalism and dedication of the people that work with me.

What is your highlight at ASL so far?

The excitement that permeates the office when a new project is undertaken and the sense of accomplishment when it is completed.

What is your favourite PSC recreational item we provide? 

The Board Rider – it looks like it would be exciting to use.  (wish I was a bit younger so I could have a turn) Editors note – NEVER TO OLD DONNA!!

What is your motto in life?   

No Worries 🙂