Dry and Wet Play

“Play keeps us vital and alive.  It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable.”  Lucia Capocchione

Aquatic play has revolutionised the industry.  Interactive water elements bring a new dimension to the play experience, creating a sensory awareness as well as captivating imaginative play.

People of all ages have an affinity for water.  A blend of dry and wet play opportunities provides an accommodating environment that brings smiles to faces and keeps everyone engaged in a sensory rich environment.  Not only for play, water becomes an architectural element and a visual marker.  Alive and invigorating, cooling and aesthetically appealing, aquatic features are an extension of the space, integrating and connecting with the broader fabric.

While promoting active play, interaction in the aquatic environment releases emotions, develops social skills and encourages imagination and cooperation – creating spaces that people love.

The magic of water lies in its power to capture the imagination and theming and customisation allow the space to be as individual and unique as the project’s vision, taking the visitor on a journey that offers an integrated response that delights, informs and connects..