Ecco Ripley – Faye Carr Park

Playscape Creations worked with Landscape Architects Saunders Havill to design and construct a series of linear parks in Sekisui House’s Ecco Ripley development.

The main playspace features a custom Tri-Tower system – a unique first in the Australian market – bold, vibrant and full of thrilling experiences.  The varied heights of the “pods” create a striking visual and are packed with sensory panels, activities, varied climbing access and exit slides.  The central pod invites the more able climbers up to the viewing deck with periscope and additional sensory activity panels as they survey the overall playspace deciding where to play next.

Designed with our sensory design methodology in mind we executed a zoned play experience for everyone.  Adjacent to the main playsystem is a junior SmartPlay Cube – packed with a collection of interactive play events for the early years.  Social swinging for everyone is had on the 5 way swing with a variety of toddler to supportive inclusive swing seats included in the design.  Or spin and climb on the inclusive Global Motion – designed for wheelchair accessibility so that everyone can join in the fun.  And lastly in this zone on the We-Saw, with seats designed to support limited upper body strength so that up to 7 users can see-saw together.

Adjacent to this space is a double ZipKrooz system – because who doesn’t love to fly!

Another bespoke play experience was delivered down the pathway with our Snakes and Ladders themed toddler zone.  Utilising the natural topography a rubber footpath leads throughout the space using the embankment for the snake slides or rope climb ladders.  Children spin the panel and move ahead the allocated spaces – slide down the slide or climb up the ladder to win the game.

This area also incorporates the Smart Play Motion, providing 16 developmental activities for young players – additional climbing and sliding, activity panels and a very cool car racing track.  A Toddler Swing, OmniSpin spinner, Superscoops,  a custom rope run, rubber domes, spinners and more hidden features – leading to the adjacent bike riding track.  The play experience in this zone will keep young players absorbed for hours.

The Parks Alive opening day was a huge success – a beautiful day to introduce this new space to the community of this new development.  Thanks again to Saunders Havill for working with us hand in hand and to Sekisui House for allowing us to build this superb space for them.


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