Elev8 – reaching new heights

Introducing Landscape Structures’ new Elev8 range offering new heights in climbing.

Build up the excitement even higher than before with 8 towering climbers and slides that provide children with thrilling new challenges.  Up Up Up while also discovering innovative ways to go across, through, under and over.

Select from five modern, curvy climbers, each distinctly designed to offer endless inventive climbing adventures.  Designing throughout the Playbooster range, on or more of these climbers that encourage children to reach new heights in abilities and activity levels.

Follow the dots on the Dot to Dot, navigate concentric circles and semi-circles on the Shockwave, navigate a series of arches on the Arcade, take on the six foot Chimney or enter the playground from the middle on the Chimney Climb Across.

Looking for an equally thrilling way for kids to come back down?  There’s now three dynamic elevated slides that continue the breathtaking excitement!  Experience the 360 degree rotation of the WhooshWinder, race down our steepest double racer, the 8 foot Double Swoosh Slide, and for a more traditional slide, the SlideWinder 2 brings you down from the 8 foot deck.

Let us design your next play structure – one that will keep children engaged and challenged on the playground!  View some of our Elev8 designs here (including file downloads) …….

View the Elev8 Brochure here with the full range of Climbers and Slides