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Windsor Sports and Community Park

Currently under construction, this incredible park features a number of nature-inspired play elements to deliver an extraordinary unstructured play experience under the canopy of a huge Moreton Bay Fig Tree

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Here’s a few resources to inspire you on your playspace creation journey

Australian Hardwood Timber

Would you like to learn more about the use of Australian Hardwood timber in play and recreational environments?

Unstructured Play

Through play, in the varied and less structured spaces of the outdoors, children encounter diverse opportunities for decision making that stimulate problem solving and creativity. Unstructured, outdoor nature play is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. 

Designing for Thermal Comfort

Nature-inspired play and recreational spaces that consider extensive plantings and/or bio-corridors are generally cooler than rubber, steel and plastic equipment due to timber’s lower thermal and radiated heat properties. Help reduce the urban heat sink effect through thoughtful design.

I need some Project Inspiration!

If you’re not sure what kind of style you’re looking for, or need some inspiration around theming, materials or layouts, check out our previous projects to see what we have achieved with our clients in the past!