Evidence Based Design – sharing the knowledge

Our colleague Tobi Volbert had a busy week of it recently speaking to audiences from Perth to Sydney.  Whilst through completely different organisations, the common thread related to Evidence Based Design – and how it’s practical application leads to better recreational spaces, better cities and better lives.

Urban Design Forum in Perth hosted an invitation only evening attracting 60 people titled “Designing for a diversity of experiences”.  Presenting also at this event was Carol Innes, manager of aboriginal cultural heritage & arts at the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.  Since joining MRA she has helped redefine cultural inclusion in Perth’s most significant – and award winning – redevelopment projects.

Sharing initial research findings from an ARC Linkage study we are involved with Queensland University of Technology, Tobi presented on designing cities for everyone, with a particular focus on integrating play into our cities – for all ages, abilities cultures and backgrounds.

And then straight from Perth to Sydney to the Kidsafe Symposium for a collaborative presentation with Katrine Mardini from Outhouse Design on the benefits of designing for the senses in nature inspired play designs.  Playscape Creations’ Sensory Design Methodology assists in enhancing nature play designs to be more accessible to everyone.  The Symposium looked at engaging children in play through interaction with their natural environment and its positive effects on their health, well-being, creativity, socialisation and  cognitive development.  There was a good deal of presentation on latest research and its practical implementation, with a specific focus on nature play and education through interaction in nature.

The Clown Doctors also presented on the value of play for healing – over 20 years of spreading doses of fun and laughter across the country.

Evidence Based Design is defined as the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Here at Playscape Creations we are committed to continued learning to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients and our communities..