Norwell Fitness Trail in Berry, NSW

Fitness Circuits

Creating a Full Body Workout

Just a few fitness stations integrated into an outdoor recreational environment can create a full body workout for users of all ages and fitness levels!

Norwell fitness stations focus on low impact cardio and body weight resistance exercises, reducing stress on bones and joints and allowing you to work out in alignment with your fitness level.  Each station focusses on multiple aspects of your physical health; when arranged into a circuit, you can build each of these key areas in a fun and engaging way.

Norwell Combi 3 Twist Airwalker Stepper

Full Range of Motion

Range of motion (ROM) refers to the extent of movement that is possible at a joint or series of joints.  It is a measurement of the distance and direction a joint can move between the fully flexed position and the fully extended position and determines your level of flexibility and mobility.  Having a high range of motion is preferable, as it allows the body to move around in a functional way.

When you are training, you want to have the ability to move your body within your full range of motion, because is allows the body to work at a greater capacity and increases your flexibility and strength over time.  Norwell fitness stations such as the Air Walker, Cross and Hip allow you to fully extend and flex your joints, giving you the best outcome for your energy input.

Norwell Leg Press low impact
Norwell Leg Press delivers low impact cardio workout

Low Impact Cardio

Low impact cardio exercise increases your heart rate and builds cardiovascular fitness without an impact on your joints.  This means that only one foot (or none) leaves the ground at the same time while you’re training, eliminating impact stress on your joints and reducing any risk of injury.

Norwell Bench Leg Calisthenics

Strength Training

Norwell’s strength training stations use body weight resistance exercise and allow a full range of motion, so you can tailor your workout to your individual needs.  Movement patterns are smooth and natural, making the equipment comfortable and intuitive.  The result is increased strength, increased cardiovascular capacity and improved overall health.

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