Flagstone Water Park

Project Overview

Flagstone waterpark is a groundbreaking design that is currently under construction. This pivotal project not only highlights the unbound abilities of Playscape Creations Industrial Design team but also showcases the in house ability to bring these design ideas to life through engineering and product development.

Playscape Creations were engaged to create a concept for Urbis as part of a Design Consultation Contract. Within this process, all elements and factors were considered, analysed and tested through rigorous designs, engineering tests and client approval phases.

With numerous aquatic, waterplay and bespoke towers already completed Playscape Creations are well qualified and experienced to complete the fabrication and construction of this project.Hand in hand with key subcontractors this project is currently underway, with seamless program execution and on track for Practical Completion in December 2019.

This project will not only become a beacon for the Flagstone development but also for Playscape Creations and our ability to deliver large scale bespoke projects.

Design, Engineering and Construction

The Flagstone ‘Raintree’ is 10.4 meters in height with a matching tree canopy diameter. This massive structure contains dumping and rain elements with multilevel play. The hero feature of the raintrees are the massive geodesic domes which form the canopy of each tree and are cladded in hexagonal patterns to inspire a tree canopy cover.

The development of these domes through the use of geometric mathematics and multiple 3D programs to create a structure that can be developed through the layering of curved bars connected at the nodes. An ingenious one point fixing method allows the façade plates to be positioned and adjusted to create an aesthetically clean form over the geodesic structure.

Excavation to site was undertaken with minimal disturbances and flawless execution of foundational plumbing and pipework. Several Inspection Test Plans (ITP) and Engineering Hold Points have ensured that all critical factors have been met prior to key construction phases. The plant room is in the final stages of construction with the Spray Pad and ‘Raintree’ support structure constructed and ready for fitout.

The fabrication of the three trees have been in production for the past four months and is nearing completion, ready for installation on site.All elements will be protected with a three coat paint system (for a C5 environment) prior to arrival to site, ensuring ultimate longevity of the equipment.

The Construction Contract is completed under PEET and the rigorous processes that they demand demonstrates Playscape Creations ability to perform at this level and meet the expectations set from tier one developers.

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