Flindersia Riverside Playground

Flindersia Riverside Playground, the latest addition to Logan Reserve’s thriving community, has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the growing local population while seamlessly harmonising with its natural surroundings.

Adjacent to the Halcyon Rise over 50’s lifestyle community, Flindersia Riverside Playground has been modelled on best-practise intergenerational design principles, ensuring that people of all ages and cultural backgrounds have a welcoming and positive experience within the recreational area.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

Flindersia Riverside Playground Key Features

Flindersia Riverside Playground offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including expansive delineated play spaces, barbeques, shelters and seating and public restrooms to create a destination parkland where people can stay and play all day.

“The entire playground was conceived as an evolutionary and educational journey,” expressed Nial Fraser, the landscape architect of the project from Saunders Havill Group.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

The design, located in close proximity to the Logan River, emulates riparian characteristics. The entire space is connected by organically woven pathways, giving access to the adventure and junior play areas, the shelters and picnic facilities and of course the huge Fig Tree Trio tower, a beacon of adventure play opportunities.

A stunning example of architectural and integrated landscape design, the Fig Tree Trio Tower has been dedicated to preserving and celebrating the natural flora of its surroundings, reflecting Fig Trees growing organically around play elements that offer height, challenge and adventure.  The soaring structure and soft colour palette integrate beautifully with the natural environment each element has been designed to respect both aesthetics and environmental preservation.

The elevated imagined Fig Trees cast dappled light onto users below, emulating the moving leaves of the trees.  External climbing features such as nets and pommels deliver a challenging nature-inspired play experience, and encourage children to test their strength, balance and daring as they play.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

Each Fig Tree Tower has multiple points of access, giving children opportunities to find their own path through the obstacles.  Imaginative and social play opportunities abound, allowing children to design their own games and experience, collaborating and learning along the way.  Offering an elevated outlook and safe hangout zone, the outlying towers also feature an exhilarating twisted tube slide or a gentle open slide, giving children a free ride to the ground and an epic reward for their climbing efforts.  The Fig Tree Trio Tower is complemented by an epic 24m zipline, adding to the adrenaline inducing activities in the space.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

Meandering pathways lead to the basketball half court, BBQs and shelters, and beyond, a stunning Australian Hardwood Timber play piece from Rustik with nets, tunnels and active play opportunities of children of all ages.  Integrating seamlessly into the natural environment, the sustainably sourced Australian Hardwood Timber posts add a sense of grandeur and height to the space; immovable timbers within the broader moving landscape that speak to the history of the surrounding environment.  Over time, each timber will be lovingly polished by the hands of children as they play, with each timber developing a unique patina and providing an additional sensory element to the play experience.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

A junior play experience has been carved off from the main pathways, creating an island of right-sized play for the little ones away from the hustle and bustle of the senior play areas.

A haven for younger children, packed with age-appropriate activity and challenge, there are two systems designed to establish a space where children can let loose, socialise, and create their own journey through the equipment in a safe and inclusive environment.  From developing physical strength and coordination to interactions with peers and engaging in imaginative play, this space is an adventure waiting to happen.

With a meticulous eye for detail, the landscape design of Flindersia Riverside Playground has been conceived to celebrate and honour the area’s natural beauty.   Paying homage to the magnificent form of the Flindersia australis seeds, delightful social seating pods have been crafted to resemble the pods in their upright form while providing an artistic sense of connection to the natural world.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

To celebrate the unique beauty and biodiversity of the area, intricately carved and hand painted Australian Hardwood timber totems skilfully depict native butterfly species specific to the region, seamlessly aligning with the thoughtful and ecologically conscious approach taken in creating an environment that not only looks appealing but also respects and reflects the natural wonders of the surrounding landscape.

Flindersia Riverside Playground

Where is Logan Reserve?

The perfect balance between urban convenience and the peaceful charm of rural Queensland living, Logan Reserve is part of Logan City Council, positioned conveniently between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and is an urban development corridor with new communities, housing developments and substantial government investments in infrastructure.

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To see the equipment used throughout this project and for further information including images, specification sheets and CAD files, click the product below to be taken to the Design Library.

The Fig Tree Trio tower was designed and engineered for this project, however is now available for new projects across Australia, with additional colour variations and theming to suit your unique space. If the aesthetic and play value of the Fig Tree Trio Tower speaks to you, please get in contact with our friendly team to learn more about how it could be incorporated into your space. Give us a call on 1300 669 074 or email info@playscapecreations.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you!