Frontiers: Taking play system design to the next level

As we re-think our outdoor educational spaces from the threadbare oval and obligatory school yard monkey bars, the play systems we design for these spaces need to evolve to suit to the physical, social and sensory experiences our children deserve.


Introducing Frontiers

Packed with physical challenges, robust materials and new play experiences, Frontiers breaks free from traditional play and lets children discover their own path.

The dynamic, curved shaping and stainless-steel aesthetic encourages non-prescribed play with multiple entry and exit points.  Daring play features abound, focused on helping children build their core and upper body strength.  Suitable for children aged 5 and over, the Frontiers units encourage problem solving as children learn how to traverse the system and challenge themselves to experience all the features it has to offer.



Offering great points of outlook from the top of the system as well as areas for contemplation and relaxation, the Frontiers systems have been designed to provide opportunities for children to improve their balance, coordination and social interaction while only utilising a small recreational area.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the Frontiers systems are low-maintenance and incredibly durable, ensuring that this play piece will serve its community for many years to come.

Explore dynamic play opportunities and a totally new aesthetic.  Discover a new path whilst you climb, crawl and chill on the next generation of stainless-steel multi-play.

See the Frontiers Range



Horizon is the largest unit in the Frontiers range and has the play value to match its size! The expansive design aesthetic encourages children to create their own route through the play experience, with something to challenge everyone.  A mix of climbing, crossing, balancing and chillout features mean its cutting-edge design will keep children entertained for hours!






The stunning dome shaped aesthetic of the Origin system gives almost unlimited points of entry and exit, allowing for up to 30 children to play simultaneously.  The central team net not only encourages social interaction but put children’s climbing and problem-solving skills to the test as they try to reach the centre of the labyrinthine play experiences.







Spinning, swivelling, sliding and climbing, Nucleus is a great addition to any play area with limited space that requires maximum play value!  Suitable for up to 15 users, the aesthetic attracts children to experience every play feature time and time again.