Gareth Roberts

Gareth balances the professionalism required on all of our Construction jobs with boundless energy, optimism and a lust for life.

What do you like most about the industry?
Despite all of the serious side of construction – it’s fun.  The concept of what we do is to create fun play spaces – and with a great team, it’s a lot of fun constructing them.

What do you like most about PSC?
Being part of a team with strong direction.

What was your highlight at PSC so far?
Gladstone Lions Park project.

Why was it a highlight?
It was such a major project with a mix of standard and our own product and it was really enjoyable being there working on it from the very start – right through to the very end.

What is your favourite recreational item we provide?
The tower that we’ve built in house for Elliot Springs.

What’s your Motto in life?
Life is too short to stress!