Exercising to promote good health

Muscle strengthening activity programmes provide health benefits needed to stave off age associated muscle decline and health risks.  But the number of Australians who regularly participate is far too low – it’s as simple as that.

AMA Qld President, Dr Alex Markwell was recently quoted as saying “A healthy lifestyle is essential for good health at any age, but is particularly important as we get older.   Having easy access to recreational facilities .. is certainly an advantage.”

Healthy Active Communities start with planning.  Mackay Regional Council’s Blue Water Trail – incorporating our HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness equipment – was a seven year project aimed at building a healthier community through access to environments that encourage physical activity.  Blue Water Trail won the National Local Government Heart Foundation Award for its commitment to promoting physical activity and healthy living – part of the Healthy Communities Initiative, helping to reverse the high levels of lifestyle related chronic disease in our communities.

Local Governments are increasingly installing fitness trails in your communities – and our HealthBeat range offers the perfect solution.