Grantham Beautification Project

We believe a successful project is all about the partnership. Our communication started with Lockyer Valley Regional Council – to develop a series of recreational spaces that would not only suit the landscape but also provide stimulating play for young and older children alike.

Coordinating with Landscape Architects, Cardno Splat, the final location and design were determined to achieve an easy flow between the zones and to consider the future re- development of Grantham town.

But there was more to this story that gave us a sense of community within this project – the Green Army and Grantham State School.

The Green Army is an initiative established by Lockyer Valley Regional Council focusing on skills development. Green Army participants worked with our experienced team in the construction of the playgrounds at Grantham, learning worthwhile practical skills from inventory control to construction site management, component assembly, concrete pouring and finishing and workplace health and safety.

At the recent public opening, we were thrilled to hear that 10 of these participants have now been able to get full time work as a result of their skills attainment.

In addition, as part of our Carbon Offset Initiative, planting equipment, in lieu of trees was donated to the Grantham State School. This will be utilised with the children getting involved in the beautification of their school.

After the devastation suffered by the Grantham community, projects such as this give the residents, young & old, a sense of pride in re-building their town.

We are privileged to have been a part of this partnership and have enjoyed working together with all parties involved.

Not to forget the lives lost in this disaster