Guyatt Park, St Lucia

Set in a picturesque location by the Brisbane River, Guyatt Park is a popular picnic spot for residents and commuters alike.  The existing junior playground always attracted families of toddlers and young children, however the older children lacked challenging and stimulating play.

We were able to include a design that offered a variety of activities including climbing wall, track ride, log roll, fireman’s pole and our super steep double slide for children to turn into the finishing line of their race through the playground!

Situated under both natural and manufactured shade, the playspace includes a 2 seat swing, with one toddler seat for the younger ones who’ve ventured across to the “big kids” area!  There is also an exhilarating Air Rider where children can mimic surfing and get great vestibular and balance stimulation, and a spinner for them to test their coordination and skill while also receiving the valuable developmental benefits that spinning offers.

With something literally for everyone – including great green space surrounds, residents and visitors to this St Lucia park now have hours of varied fun on offer for all ages.