H2Oasis at Wet'n'Wild designed by Atlantis

H2Oasis at Wet’n’Wild

In our latest project showcase, Playscape Creations teamed up with Village Roadshow Theme Parks and Badge Constructions to deliver the incredible H2Oasis in the heart of Wet’n’Wild on the Gold Coast.

Selecting aquatic elements from Atlantis Liquid Dynamics’ new range, the Playscape Creations design team envisaged the H2Oasis as an undersea wonderland of epic proportions, where children can play among huge, imagined sea creatures and let their imaginations run wild.

Wet'n'Wild Concept Design Aerial
Aerial View – Concept Design

Established with within a section of the water park mainly catering to older thrill seekers, the H2Oasis is exactly that; an island of clam and beauty amid the exhilaration of the faster attractions.

The conceptual design called for elements on a grand scale, that wouldn’t look out of place next to Australia’s tallest waterslide tower.  The splashpad design brief included activities for all ages, with picnic facilities available for families who want to take some relaxing time out during the day. 

Wet'n'Wild Concept Design
H2Oasis Concept Design by Playscape Creations

Towering jellyfish, seahorses and moveable water cannons are interspersed with conceptualised sea grasses and coral, providing inclusive waterplay experiences for people of all ages and abilities.  A central tipping bucket and palm trees dump hundreds of litres of water onto thrilled participants below, and duelling water archways create a truly immersive spray and misting experience.

Dipper Bucket

The precision engineered, spherical Dipper Bucket releases a torrent of 150 litres per minute onto the anticipating children below, seemingly without warning! 

A sphere made from two halves, the bottom sphere spins 360° within the outer shell, offering a glimpse of the internal fibreglass colour and a sense of magic.  Fitted with a convexed deflector plate to dissipate the water flow, the design is one of a kind.

Surrounded by shade and seating opportunities and adjacent to Australia’s tallest waterslide tower, the H2Oasis splashzone is the number one destination for families to cool off on the Gold Coast.

Centred within Wet’n’Wild’s incredible new waterslide complex, the H2Oasis is an aquatic sanctuary that ignites a sense of wonder with stunning ocean creatures and a huge array of interactive aquatic activities.

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