Hawthorne Park

Playscape Creations were initially approached by Brisbane City Council to design an inclusive playspace for the residents of Hawthorne and surrounds. The community had been working with their local Councillor for an upgraded playground and the Touched by Olivia Foundation helped draw Council’s focus to the fact that Inclusive Playgrounds were needed in the area. With the message of the foundation “to positively enhance the lives of children and their families in a significant way”, we were thrilled to be involved in the delivery of Brisbane’s first fully inclusive playground in honour of Olivia.

Landscape Structures equipment, which has been specially designed for use by children of all abilities, was utilised in the playspace. The 100% ground level accessible Evos play structure encourages inclusive, non-prescribed play in all directions with specialised wheelchair accessible interactive components and offers varied challenge for all ages – plus loads of fun.

The Sway Fun Glider – a unique inclusive play experience for wheelchair bound users, able bodied playmates, carers and adults – features ample room for two wheelchairs to rock and sway with their friends. Twin benches provide plenty of room for play or rest, and its inclusion in the playspace meant that fully wheelchair bounded users could come and join in the fun in an inclusive way – the true goal behind an inclusive play environment.

An accessible spring platform, double bobble rider, single post swing, 2 seat see-saw, elevated sand table, accessible cycler and 3 interactive ground level sensory play panels complete the play experience with something for literally everyone on the playground – regardless of their ability. And vibrant Rubber softfall ensured that wheelchair and mobility device users would have free access throughout the playspace while providing a bright and engaging aesthetic.

Residents were thrilled that their campaigning delivered such a great result.  See Touched by Olivia’s video of the opening to see just how happy they are!