HDG Models available for Coastal Areas

Introducing Landscape Structures’ new limited HDG range.  Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) steel offers a fresh look, a cool aesthetic and most importantly, durability for our foreshore playgrounds. The process involves steel being coated in a bath of molten zinc to form intermetallic layers, making  it highly resistant to corrosion.

Even more, the HDG process creates a unique look for playground designs in any environment – urban, sculptural, modern, industrial and more, and has been utilised for Landscape Structures’ Venti, Global Motion and Oodle Swing models.  Children of all abilities can swing, climb and spin on the Oodle Swing and Global Motion, while the Venti playstructure from the Smart Play series packs 20 activities to explore and navigate.  The modern design of the Venti with its nets, slides, belts and climbers, challenges children physically and mentally, and the freestanding Oodle Swing and Global Motion encourage cooperative play while challenging children’s strategic-thinking and motor planning skills.  Both of these items also promote inclusive play, having been specially designed for wheelchair transfer so that children of all abilities can play TOGETHER.

This collection of HDG playground models makes for a great play combination, and will endure the Australian sun and saltwater spray for years and years to come.

Download the HDG Brochure here