HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness

The HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness system has always been a smart choice for outdoor exercise, whether in the park, at the playground, or at a senior living community.  Meeting the needs of teens and adults of all fitness levels, HealthBeat encourages people of all ages to get out there and get active.  Promoting cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility, the range of 14 stations offer a variety of workouts from basic to high intensity.  All but one station can be paired with another on a single post, creating cost effective options on smaller footprints and producing double the fitness opportunity.

Re-vamped resistance technology delivers a better workout – all at users’ fingertips – with adjustable resistance providing progressive challenge to users.  And its sleek design and extensive range of colour choices allows it to be an aesthetic feature in any environment.

Each station has signage with links to instructional videos that can be viewed on a smart device while at each fitness station – making HealthBeat even easier to use.