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School Holiday Fun

Nowadays, many youngsters prefer to spend their free time indoors, listening to music, using the computer or their various “devices”. Some parents may think there is little they can do to encourage their kids to be active in outdoor play, but there are ways to get youngsters excited. Parents can learn ways in which to help their children connect with nature, and these tips may work to get kids back outside.
Plan fun activities – A great way to encourage children to enjoy being in nature is to plan a few fun outings that all take place in the wild. It may be best to start slow, planning to take a walk with their friends to a nearby park to let them use commercial playground equipment. Be sure to bring along a few items like a football to encourage kids to play games at the park.
Parents could also entice youngsters to try being outside by locating a few nature reserves or centres in the area and then making the trek to each facility. Letting the children choose where they would like to go may help to pique their interest in going even more.
Have fun while exercising – In previous generations there was nothing better for children than heading outside to look for bugs and animals and to roam around their backyards using their imaginations while running around. This is less common these days, though parents can try and revert to the good old days by spending time in nature with their kids, showing them the ropes. Flying kites, skipping rocks and playing active games like kick the can or hopscotch with the children may help to show them what outdoor play is all about.
Plus, these activities help youngsters break a sweat without even knowing it.
Show kids the wonders nature provides Being in nature offers loads of benefits, including helping children to connect with the environment. This is important because children are the future and if they don’t care about the Earth, they are less likely to work to protect it.
Parents can keep the passion for conservation alive by taking nature walks with their kids and bringing along informational books native to the area to teach them about trees found nearby or even what birds and animals call their neighbourhood home. Putting a more personal touch on nature may help youngsters care as they age.
There’s so much to do outside in the holidays that’s free, fun and healthy.  Get outside and play!!