Inclusive Design Guidelines

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Playscape Creations has long been incorporating our Sensory Design Methodology in the design of our recreational spaces – promoting not only play opportunities for all abilities, but also for all ages – encouraging communities to come together through play.

Inclusive Play guidelines are being introduced in most states with a commitment to set best practice recommendations so that playgrounds and recreational facilities are accessible and inviting to all.

The NSW Everyone Can Play Guidelines is a refreshing paper – intended to help designers do the best with what they have, within the budget and site constraints they are faced with.  Not everyone has the luxury to completely upgrade their facilities overnight, however a few small interventions can make a huge difference to children being able to play together and for their playspaces to become more inclusive.

Wayfinding signage for example helps users navigate their way through the recreational space – especially useful for visitors with sensory impairment to contribute to a sense of comfort, safety and security.

Truly inclusive play equipment involves children of all abilities playing together – laughing and squealing together without prejudice.  The Inclusive Orbit provides this in a fun exciting way with one wheelchair bay, one seated bay and one standing bay so that users of all ages and abilities can spin and whirl together.